Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank you Courtney!!!

I have to send out a huge thank you to Courtney. She came up to Lexington for a week and basically waited on Brian, Logan, and I. She did everything and was such a huge help to me. She cooked fabulous meals for us daily, did the cleaning, and basically just took care of us. Courtney is such an amazing and generous friend, I feel so fortunate to have her in my life. She is truly one of a kind!

Courtney also brought her new fancy camera and took some incredible pictures of Logan that I know we would not have gotten otherwise. I can tell her photography class is paying off, she really took some great shots!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Sad Weekend...

Well, it was a really tough weekend. Unfortunately, we had to have Izzy put to sleep. It all happened really fast. She started losing weight and quit eating, so we took her in to see the vet. She ended up having pancreatic cancer and it was very aggressive. There really wasn't anything that could be done so we had to let her go. She was such an amazing dog, I don't think there is a better one. We had her for six years and she was like a child to Brian and I. We took her every where and she was such a huge part of our lives, so losing her has been really hard. Fortunately, we have nothing but great memories of Izzy. For six years she gave us nothing but her unconditional love and we miss her dearly.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Logan has arrived!

She is finally here! Logan Maxine Cross made her entrance on Friday November 7th at 9:45 EST weighing in at 7 lbs 12 oz and at 20 inches in length. She is absolutely beautiful and Brian and I are just amazed at the amount of love one can feel instantly. She already has us wrapped around her tiny little finger and I doubt that will change. The first week was a little tough as we have been in and out of the hospital and doctors office. Logan had some high bilirubin levels and had to be re-admitted to the hospital one day after we came home. She is doing much better now after spending time with the phototherapy. Logan is such a tough little thing, I think her mom took all the medical treatment harder than she did. Now that she is doing better Brian and I are truly able to enjoy life with Logan even more. Our lives are so blessed and just a little over a week into parenthood we know without a doubt that Logan has made the world a brighter place! We love her so much!!!

Brian and Logan look great, while I appear to be a little beaten least I have a valid excuse!
FAMILY TIMEFortunately both my parents were here to welcome Logan into the world. I was so thrilled she was able to get some quality time with both her Mimi and Grandad.

Logan's Nominee and Grandanny were also able to make the long trip out to KY for a visit. It was so great to have them here even though their trip was way too short.

Danna, Nick & Ryan also came to visit Logan during her first week here. It was so great to spend some time with them and to introduce Ryan to his newest cousin. I am sure he will have his hands full looking after Logan when they get a little older.


Pictures from Logan's first week.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just waiting on Logan...

Well, hopefully tomorrow will be the big day. Logan's room is officially ready so we are just waiting on her arrival. The plan is for us to go in first thing in the morning for me to be induced. Hopefully Logan will cooperate and join us. We are so anxious for her arrival and can hardly wait to see her.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just call him Chief!

Some exciting news at the Cross house this last week...Brian was asked to be a Chief Resident for the Internal Medicine Department at the University of Kentucky. This is a huge honor and I am so proud of Brian as this is something he has earned through all his hard work and dedication in the medical field. This will be an extra year of service here in KY when he completes his internal medicine residency. He will work to assist in the administration of the residency program. It will be such a great experience for him and will be something that will help shape him into an even better physician. All of our friends and family know how wonderful Brian is, but it is so nice for him to be recognized this way! So, I guess from now on I will just have to start calling him CHIEF. ;)