Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boat trip #2

Well, with us having nice weather last Saturday we decided to take the boat out again (with hopes that Logan might enjoy it a little more). Brian was post call, meaning he just got off a 30 hour shift - but that didn't stop us from heading out on the water. Fortunately, I actually remembered my camera for this voyage, so we actually got a few good pictures. Logan did enjoy it more this time (less wind and a warmer day helped). Brian of course was thrilled his little one didn't scream the whole time. I think this helped him to catch three fish. The first one he caught wasn't much bigger than the lure he was fishing with - about a three inch long perch. After that he caught a couple more that were bigger. All in all it was a successful trip out on the lake, so we are hopeful there will be many more to follow.

Guess who is having more fun???
I love how this makes her cheeks look so chubby!
Brian's first big fish!
Reeling in the real big one with Murphy's help of course.
Here is one happy guy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lots of new things....

Lots of new things have happened here lately, so I figured one "all inclusive" blog posting would be necessary. For starters, I want to open up things by saying I must just be a huge sucker. Brian finally convinced me to purchace a new boat. Yes it is true, we now own a boat. Brian is so thrilled about it, so I guess that makes it all worthwhile. We took it out on its maiden voyage on Easter Sunday late in the afternoon. Logan wasn't too sure about it, but I am sure she will get lots of practice this summer. Brian of course loved it and Murphy really enjoyed the wind in his hair as well. So, here are a few pictures of the new boat.
As for Logan, she really is growing so fast. She has been up to lots of new things over the last several weeks. Here are a few pictures of the "new" things she has started.

Sitting up with help in the tub.

Brushing our gums (Aunt Danna should be proud!)

Hanging out in our new saucerGrabbing our feet
Playing the piano (look what you started Mimi)
Getting dressed up to go to the horse races
So...as you all can see, our days our very busy here lately doing all kinds of new things! Finally, I could not go without posting some of Logan's pictures from her very first Easter. I just love these!!!!

Really, what did I do before Logan???? I just can't get enough pictures of this kid!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Family photos

Okay, so it has definitely been too long since my last post...pretty much an entire month. Things have been a little crazy for us, so I am sticking with that as my excuse. I actually made the drive back to Arkansas last month and stayed for nearly two weeks. Brian of course couldn't get the time off, but I was fortunate to have my baby sis fly in to help Logan and I make the drive back. She brought Braden with her (he is 18 months old), so it defintely made for an exciting trip. It actually went really well and having her help make the 10 hour drive during the night made all the difference. I was so thrilled to get Logan back to see both of our families. They all hadn't seen her since Christmas. So, needless to stay the trip was worth it for Logan to see everyone again. The only bad thing about the trip was that I somehow managed to bring back a bug with me I think. I ended up getting pretty sick last week and am still trying to get over it. Now as of last night Logan of course has it. She has been running a fever since last night and can hardly breath...it is pretty miserable! So, let's hope she gets over it quick. Well, here are just a bunch of pictures of Logan with everyone from our trip...


Grandanny & Nominee

Grandad & Mimi

***Grandma Waack has some great pictures that I took on her camera with Logan...I hope she reads this and emails me a couple of those pictures. ;)


Aunt Jessica
Uncle Chris
Uncle Andrew

Uncle Matt & Aunt Ashley
Aunt Danna

Aunt Michelle

Uncle Donnie

Uncle Kevin & Cousin Jordan
Cousin Ryan

Cousin Josh
Cousin Jacob

Cousin Braden
**Uncle Nick...we saw you a bunch, but I never managed to get a shot of you with Logan. We will eventually make you hold her! We did miss out on getting Logan with a few other cousins, so hopefully we will see them on our next trip back!!