Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Party of Five

Brian's parents came into town last weekend for a visit and we were so thrilled to have them all to ourselves for several days. They were actually in KY for a dog show, but decided to skip out on the Saturday show so they could spend more time with us. They also stayed at our house for the very first time, so we felt so lucky to spend so much quality time with them. Logan just loved having her Nominee and Grandanny around because she got even more attention and kisses. We were of course spoiled because we were treated to several great meals along with the fabulous company. We really do miss them so much since we are so far away and we hope they come back for another visit soon!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Great Escape

Well, thus far May has been an exceptional month for us. Brian actually had two weeks off at the beginning of the month, so we just had to escape from reality as much as possible. To start off, we decided to take his boat down to Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee and stay in a cabin for several days. Fortunately, Danna, Nick, & Ryan agreed to join us. Despite the constant rain, we still had a great time. Danna and I ended up spending the majority of our time during the day with the kids just relaxing out on the wonderful deck - while our husbands tried desperately to catch our dinner. Needless to say we grilled hamburgers one night and went out to dinner another night (we all had catfish that someone else caught). We sill had a great time. Thanks for joining us Danna/Nick/Ryan!!! You made the trip much more fun!!! Here are a few pictures from Part I of our vacation.

Logan loves cousin Ryan reading to her!

Daddy time

Yes...we finally convinced Uncle Nick to hold Logan and she loved him!

Logan enjoyed the quality time, you can tell from the huge grin on her face.

For Part II of Brian's vacation we escaped down to Gulf Shores, Alabama to hang out with my family down on the beach. My parents rented a beach house, so it was wonderful to have easy access to the ocean. We really enjoyed all the time we got to spend with my family and I know Logan loved being around all those boy cousins. Needless to say there was never a dull moment, which kept her entertained. Thanks so much mom and dad for putting this trip together for the family. We had a wonderful time!!! Anyway, believe it or not the pictures below are just a few out of the hundreds I took during this trip.

Logan and I ready to head down to the beach.
Logan and her daddy chilling in the tent out on the beach.
It doesn't get much cuter than this! Yes, her shades do match her suit - compliments of Lacy.
Logan loved floating around in the swimming pool.

Mimi and Grandad with their only grandaughter.

Just chilling with the boys.

Brian taking a nap with Braden. (I thought it was too cute that they slept just alike!)
Having a good time with Uncle Matt.
Then of course there are all the typical beach pictures with everyone in khaki and white...

And this was the last picture of Logan enjoying the beach the morning we had to leave.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Sweet Potato Head

As are pictures of Logan eating her very first vegetable - sweet potatoes. She actually really liked them, so that is great. We have also tried green beans, which she likes as well. I was surprised a little because I thought the green beans really stunk. On our list of fruits and vegetables that we will be trying over the next several weeks: squash, carrots, pears, bananas, applesauce,etc. She really has taken to the solids and it makes her seem so big! This last week she also started blowing raspberries. I thought it was adorable until she did it with a mouth full of green beans at lunch today. Did I mention that the green beans stink?!?!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Logan + New Stuff = Lots of Fun!

I cannot believe Logan is six months old this week! Time has definitely flown by. It truly has been such an amazing 1/2 year and we can hardly wait for what is to come. Obviously there are so many "firsts" for Logan, and of course I feel the need to share the majority of them with you all. I just get so excited about everything and assume you all will too. :) Two big things (to me anyway) started this last week. First, Logan has started playing peek-a-boo. It is so cute. You cover her face up with the burp cloth and say "where's Logan", then she pulls it off by herself now and gets all excited. It really is so cute! Fortunately, my new camera has a multishot feature, so I press the picture button once and it takes three pictures in a row. (This is very helpful since Logan is really good at peek-a-boo and doesn't mess around.) Here are a couple photos.
Second big thing, which is even more fun, Logan started on solid food this last week. We started with the cereal of course and on our first try more of the cereal was on her rather than in her belly. After several days of practice she is nearly a pro, so we will be adding fruits and vegetables to the menu soon. Don't worry though, I am sure we will get pictures of this as well!