Friday, June 19, 2009

Daddy's are the best!

Daddy's truly are the best!!! Logan is so fortunate to have such an amazing father. Brian is such a great dad and Logan absolutely adores him. She is a "daddy's girl" and it is so cute. Her face just lights up when he walks in the room. I think back to all those times Brian didn't want to hold other peoples babies (that of course I was trying to force on him) and how he would always say, "it will be different when it is my baby". I can honestly say that I really didn't believe him, but boy was I wrong. There is not a day that goes by when I don't thank the Lord for Brian. He has always been a terrific husband, but seeing him as the father of my daughter melts my heart. He is so great with her and such a huge help. Every single day he volunteers to change diapers, feed her, and of course just love on her. I love how much he enjoys her and wants to spend as much time with her as possible. Logan and I really are so lucky...we love you very much Brian! Happy Fathers Day!!!

I also just wanted to thank my dad and Danny as well. You both are wonderful fathers and we love you so much. We owe so much of who we are today to you guys. Happy Father's Day!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seven Months Old and SASSY!

It is official...I have one sassy little seven month old on my hands. Logan continues to grow and learn new things at a rapid pace, which I know is normal - but doesn't mean I have to like it all. For the most part all her new "accomplishments" have been pretty exciting. Some of the things she has started over the last several weeks include the following:
  • Rolling over all over the place
  • Waving bye bye
  • Drinking out of a sippy cup (or at least chewing on it)
  • Sitting up some without any assistance (only lasts awhile before she falls though)
  • Cutting two teeth on the bottom row
  • Screaming in a high pitched girlie voice
  • Actually being bashful
  • Really started packing on the oz's

It is still so crazy to me how quickly she changes and learns new things. I love every minute of it...okay except for a moment yesterday. She actually for the first time did not want me to love and kiss on her. She figured out how to push me away with her hands and would get mad and even yell at me when I tried to kiss and love on her. I am trying to blame her little attitude moments on the teething or being tired, but somehow I have a feeling that isn't truly the case. Guess I just better get used to it because I am sure those moments will eventually come more and more often. Luckily for me she got over it after her nap and started loving on me again. As usual, here are a few recent pictures...

Drinking out of the sippy cup

Sitting up like a big girl. She started on her blanket and rolled herself under the piano. Getting chubby!
Waving bye bye