Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Growing Girl

Oh what a crazy month it has been! I know it has been too long since my last post, so I apologize again for the delay. Sometimes it is just hard to get the solid block of time to sit down at the computer. So, since Logan is down for her morning we go. She has grown and changed so much in the last month. We have so much fun with her each and every day. Here are some of the new and exciting things going on with Logan:
  • Now has three teeth (all on the bottom)
  • Says Dada constantly, which Brian eats up of course.
  • Sits in her booster seat to eat her meals
  • Eats just about anything we put in front of her - this includes all the baby food of course (meats, vegetables, fruits, etc.), teething biscuits, pickles, bread, cheetos, popcicles, and her favorite the puffs.
  • Crawls - really just started this week
  • She loves to play peek at mom over the bumper in her crib when I come up to get her. She hears me coming up the stairs and gets excited to see me.
  • Loves to stand up holding onto things.
  • Gives lots of love to her baby dolls.
  • Has hair now that is hard to tame. It has to be slicked down after every sleeping session.
  • Getting better at drinking out of a sippy cup.

So, here are several pictures along with a crawling video.

Check out my big girl teeth!Loving my pickle. My favorite is for daddy to share his icee pops!Just a very happy little girl!
This is how mom usually finds me when she comes to get me up.

This is a great shot of my "bed head". Doesn't bother me much though.Mom was surprised to find me sitting up in the crib yesterday...guess it is time to move the mattress down.
I is too bad everyone can't look this good in a robe!

Still as cute as can be all dressed up.

Last but not least...the crawling video! Keep in mind this is hard to do with a dress on!