Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brian and his girls....

Well, more exciting news in the Cross house! Brian is going to be way outnumbered by the girls here pretty soon. Not only are Brian and I expecting a baby in February, but we are expecting another girl. We really are so excited and feel so very blessed.
So, far this pregnancy has been completely different than it was with Logan. The biggest difference for me was the fact that I wasn't sick at all during the first trimester. I was sick for over 8 weeks with Logan, so this time it was much better. I can only imagine how difficult it would have been to feel that yucky while trying to keep up with Logan. Our due date for the newest addition is February 13th, so that will put our little girls right at 15 months apart. Yes, some of you might think we are crazy, but we think the timing is perfect. We have always wanted a big family so this new little girl is such a huge blessing.
Here are a few pictures of Cross baby #2.
Great profile picture!

Not the most lady like picture, but this is the kind of shot that lets you know whether it is a boy or girl...you can see the two legs, her rear, and etc.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh what a summer...

It truly was a great summer for the Cross clan! We did so many wonderful things and really enjoyed all the exciting new experiences that come with being a parent. No surprise here...Logan is still changing and growing so fast. I can hardly seem to keep up with all the new things she seems to pick up so quickly. Childhood is amazing. Just to mention a few - here are a few things she is up to these days:
  • Standing up in her crib and banging on the side with her pacifier when she wakes up
  • She now has a fake laugh, cry, and cough - they are all pretty cute
  • Five teeth have come through (2 Cross buckers on top & 3 on the bottom)
  • She enjoys playing patty cake
  • Clicks her tongue (usually after I do it first of course)
  • Blinks both eyes - like she is winking (Mimi taught her this one)
  • Waves both hi and bye as well as waves when she wants you to come get her
  • Crawls everywhere and pulls up on everything
  • Can walk her push toys across the room
  • Loves her bath time
  • Flexes her muscles and grunts
  • Loves looking in the mirror and at pictures of herself
  • Has started processing things even more - like she knows shoes go on her feet and bows go in her hair and she will try to put them on
  • Has started going to Mother's Day Out once a week
  • Calls me BaBa (really trying to break this one as I don't think my child should call me by my first name!)

Anyway, I know pictures are better than words - so here are my favorites from the last month.

This is one of the best! I love this face of hers.

More swimming pictures...yes these are in our white trash plastic pool out back. Standing up in her crib...and yes she has the head tilt down for pictures.
My parents came for a visit over labor day weekend. They of course spoiled us by taking us out to eat and buying new things (Logan made out great!). And my dad was sweet enough to help me with a few projects I couldn't get Brian to do.
No, this isn't her Halloween costume...it just happens to be her first dress-up outfit compliments of her Mimi. It really is pretty cute, I have to admit!
This is Logan's first day of Mother's Day Out - somehow we survived the time apart.

Still raising the girl right even though we live in KY!Logan and I made a trip back to AR for a visit and I managed to get this cute shot of her and all her Waack cousins.
The real purpose of trip back that way was for me to go and see Courtney, Jon, Jordyn, and Hudson. I promised Courtney that I would come and help take care of her for several days after Hudson's arrival. I was so glad to get to Tulsa to visit her family and really enjoyed my time. Logan stayed with my mom, so it was the first time I had been away from her. Here are a few pics from my stay in Tulsa.

Hudson at bath time.
Courtney and her new little man.

A sleeping angel.

Me teaching Jordyn how big girls take pictures. ;)