Wednesday, November 11, 2009

October fun!

October sure was a ton of fun for us. The weather in Lexington was really pretty nice for the most part, which always makes it nice to get out. Of course Logan continues to grow and do more things as well. She is all over the place crawling now and babbling up a storm. She really has quite the personality, so we have been enjoying her more and more everyday. This year we actually made it out to the pumpkin patch with Logan. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon, so of course everyone else was out there too. I probably took around 100 pictures of which five turned out okay. Oh well...guess it is better than none at all. Here are a few.

I also had to dress Logan appropriately for her day at Mother's Day Out right before Halloween. She looked so cute, I am sure she was the talk of the school!
Last but not least...HALLOWEEN!! This year was so much fun because we actually had a little one to dress up. Logan went dressed as a little duck and her costume was so adorable. When I first got the costume she would scream when I would put it on her. So, I basically made her wear it for a few minutes everyday for a couple weeks before Halloween day. Fortunately, it worked out because she wore the costume without much fuss for a party as well as trick-0r-treating.