Monday, December 7, 2009

Logan turns 1!!!!

It is so hard to believe that our little girl is now 1! This year really has flown by and she has grown up so much. This age is great though and we are enjoying every minute of watching Logan grow and change. For her first birthday, we decided to go back to Arkansas so we could share it with our families. We ended up putting together a jungle themed party, which turned out pretty cute. Brian of course made fun of me for wanting to do a "theme", but that is what guys do I suppose. All and all the party was great and we were so thankful to have the majority of our family and several friends there. Here are several photos from the big event.

Homemade Invitations
The cake, which turned out great! (not homemade)
Table decorations (it's a tree if you can't tell)
Logan just waiting on the party to start.
Eating pizza and showing you that she is now 1.
Stripped down and waiting for her smash cake. (Her mouth is watering)
She isn't exactly sure what is going on here with all the singing.
It didn't take long for her to dig in. She loved the cake and icing!

Hated her birthday hat...which was on for all of 3 seconds.
Of course she had to sit at the "big kid" table for a minute after her cake.
Logan got so many great gifts, we had to purchase a toy box after we got home.
While opening the presents, she was actually more interested in the cards.
Really the party was so much fun and we truly enjoyed spending it with our family and friends. Logan was absolutely spoiled with gifts, we don't know what to get her for Christmas now. She is such a lucky little girl to be loved by so many. Thanks to everyone who help make her first birthday so special!