Thursday, January 28, 2010

2009 comes to a close...

What a year?!?! I would definitely have to say that this has been the busiest and most eventful year. Logan has managed to keep us so busy and we have loved every moment of it. We have experienced so many firsts with her and wouldn't change one minute of it. As 2009 came to a close she definitely came into her own. We have quite the little busy body on our hands, which is nothing new for all the one year olds out there. She is walking all over the place, which is great because she can do more things on her own, but hard because she can get into more things on her own. Also, chasing a little one around when one is very pregnant isn't always the easiest thing either.

Logan can do so many things now, it just amazes us! She is a fabulous eater - some of her favorites include peas & carrots (yes that is right), marshmallows, blueberries, bananas, fudge rounds (thanks to Uncle Andrew), and hot ham & cheese sandwiches. She walks/runs everywhere now. She does sign language for more, thank you, and all done. Her vocabulary is expanding. She is great at blowing kisses now. She enjoys rocking and feeding her baby dolls and dancing. However, nothing excites her more than when her dad gets home from work. She starts yelling his name and always runs to greet him. (I get a little jealous of this one as I never get this kind of welcome...guess I am never gone long enough for her to miss me.) Bath time, climbing the stairs, chasing Murphy and brushing her teeth are some of her favorites as well. As for a few other big milestones, she is now on the sippy cup and no longer uses her pacifier. What a big girl we have on our hands now...just in time for the new baby to arrive.

Anyway, here are just a few pictures of Logan from the end of 2009...

What a happy little family! One of my favorites...yes I took this one myself.

She loves brushing her teeth.

First set of doggie ears - compliments of Aunt Jessica.

Had a great time with family at Christmas back in Arkansas.

Here is a video of her when she was just starting to walk...she of course is much better now, but this is too cute not to share. (Sorry, I am a little slow on the posting these days)


What a great year - let's just hope 2010 turns out to be as much fun!