Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finally...a new post.

I finally have found the time to sit down and complete another post. I will try and do better, but finding the time with two little ones seems to be infinitely more difficult. No promises, but I hope to do better than one posting every 1-2 months. Life since the last posting has been pretty great as well as tiresome. My girls are absolutely amazing, I have a husband who is a tremendous help, a dog who loves me even though we keep bringing home babies...what can I say, I am so lucky!

Logan will be 17 months next week and I can hardly believe it. She has quite the little personality and seems to learn new things everyday. She is growing into quite the little lady. Currently her favorite things include dancing, showing off her bracelet (which we must put on everyday), kissing on her "sissy", helping her mom vacuum, eating (especially sharing chocolate with her daddy), telling Murphy "no no" as she waves her little finger at him (even if he is doing nothing wrong), playing with her baby dolls and little people, and anything that is outside. It is so funny to me that she has an imagination now. She is already pretending and it cracks me up. I also feel so lucky that she adores her baby sister. She loves talking to her and kissing on her.

As for Leighton, it is hard to believe she will be 8 weeks on Tuesday. She really has been the perfect little baby, Brian and I are almost waiting for the ball to drop. She is so sweet and just loves to hang out. She eats well and sleeps well, which are the most important things at the moment. I almost feel bad at times because Logan requires so much attention and Leighton is perfectly content just laying down alone. We can take her anywhere and she is fine hanging out in the car seat too. It is funny to me how relaxed she seems to be (especially compared to her diva older sister), so I am curious if it will last. She has also started smiling and it is the sweetest little smile!

Well, here are several pictures from the last several months...
Hanging with my dad on Valentines Day.
My sweet girls!
I had a little private photo session for Leighton's 1 month
(had to do it while Logan was down for a nap though).
Our first family walk with the big double stroller.

A few pictures from St. Patrick's Day. My sister, Chris, & Braden were in town for a visit, so we had a great time hanging out with them!
My girls love their Aunt CaCa and wish they could see her more!

Love this one of Logan and Murphy playing in the laundry basket.
Too cute for words...