Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun times in Arkansas...

The girls and I went back to Arkansas last month to visit family and friends. We had to leave Brian behind for the first couple of weeks, but fortunately he was able to come in for the end of the trip. This was Leighton's first trip to Fort Smith, so she got to meet lots of new family members and friends. I don't know why, but I find it so much harder to remember to take pictures now that I am managing two little ones. My goal is to do better and capturing more moments. Here are several photos from the trip.

Grandad & Mimi with all their grandkids Just the kiddos
Cousin Emilee with Leighton
Logan with Aunt Danna and Aunt Michelle
Mamaw getting smiles from Leighton
Lacy and Leighton
Grandanny and Leighton
Nominee and Leighton
Logan loving on her cousin Ryan
Uncle Dodo and Leighton
Great Grandma Waack and Leighton
Logan and Ryan looking cute at one of our picnics at Nominee & Grandanny's house
Logan in one of Nominee's dog cages
Logan and Hannah
Leighton finally got to meet Courtney
Logan and Jordyn just happened to have matching pjs
So much for the kids letting us get a group shot..guess it is better than nothing.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Two months old...

It is so hard to believe Leighton is now two months old...time sure is flying by! She is still this amazing little baby. She smiles and coos at us all the time now, which we love. She really enjoys her swing, cuddling with both mom and dad, going on walks, and of course watching her very animated older sister. She had her eight week check-up last week, which included shots and handled it pretty well. She is now 23 1/2 inches long (86th percentile) and weighs 10 lbs and 7 ozs (34th percentile).
"This is what cute looks like"
I have to of course include an update and picture of the big sister. Logan is growing like a weed still as well. She absolutely loves it outside and cries when we make her come back in. She can also be a little diva though. She must wear her bracelet everyday and really likes her new pearl necklace the Easter Bunny brought her. (He found it for $1.00 at
There will be plenty more pictures to follow as Logan, Leighton, Murphy and I are back in Arkansas to visit the family. Brian is meeting us here later to help with the long drive back home. We hope to get lots of pictures of the girls with all our family (especially since this will be the first time most of them have met Leighton). So, more good stuff to follow soon hopefully.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun

What a fabulous day!!! The weather was perfect for this wonderful Easter holiday. The morning started off great because the girls let us sleep in. Then Brian made pancakes and I made dutch honey for breakfast and it was delicious. Afterwards we rushed around to get everyone ready for church. We actually made it to the 11:30 service on time. After church we returned home to have lunch together and start the Easter festivities. It was fun to watch Logan this year as she actually "hunted" eggs. By "hunted" I mean I put a pile of eggs in the front yard and she gathered several and actually put them in her basket. It was pretty cute. The girls were pretty sweet all day today and we enjoyed the family time. Of course I took tons of pictures...

Logan checking out all her goodies from the Easter bunny. The only picture I managed to get of the girls together.
Let the hunt begin... Starting to get a little tired. She is so happy to be outside! Big enough to carry her own basket. Just showing out. One happy baby. I managed to get this photo with both girls tonight using the timer on the camera as Brian had already left for work. Even Murphy had a good time. A short little video of Logan hunting eggs (or should I say and done).