Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick trip to Kansas City

The girls and I were in need of a visit with all of our family, so my mom flew into Lexington to help us make the drive back. We decided to take the long road back to Arkansas and stopped in for a visit with Jessica, Chris, and Braden in Kansas City. To try and wear the kids down we elected to take them to a petting zoo. Despite the scorching hot weather, we had a really nice time. Here are some pictures from our quick stop in Kansas.
Thanks for a great time Palmer clan!!!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer is flying by...

Times are flying by...guess that is what happens when you have two little ones. I can't believe we are almost half way through the month of July! We are managing to stay pretty busy and have really enjoyed the summer so far. Logan absolutely loves to do anything that involves us being outside, so that is really nice too. Just an update on each of the girls...

Logan - at her most recent check-up she measured in at 32 1/2 inches tall and weighed 23 lbs. She is quite the little diva I tell you. Her personality has just grown exponentially, which means she can be oh so adorable and outgoing as well as throw one gigantic temper tantrum. She continues to learn something new every day and her vocabulary has really blossomed. My favorite word at the moment is is one of her bath toys and I just love the way she says it. She continues to love on Leighton (sissy is what she calls her). She gives her many kisses and hugs during the day and really does seem to love her. I just hope that continues. Logan is still so happy and fun to be around.

Leighton - at her most recent check-up she measured in at 24 1/2 inches tall and 13 lbs 9 oz. This was about a month ago and we can tell she has been packing on some weight the past couple of weeks. She still is so unbelievably laid back and mellow. She is rolling over much more now and has really found her voice over the last week. She loves to watch Logan play and has this smile that just melts our hearts. She still seems to be so content nearly all of the time. She is sleeping well at night, which makes my life so much easier.

Anyway, as usual pictures speak louder than words so here our some of my favorites from the last month.
Yes, Logan got her toenails painted pink (like her mom) for the first time.
Has become a fan of the Oreo cookie, but now just eats out the center and leaves the cookie. Just such a cutie!
Yes, this is my child breastfeeding her babydoll.
So big eating our corn on the cob (actually won't eat corn unless it is on the cob).
Shooting hoops and making her daddy proud.
Playing in her new sprinkler.


Watching fireworks from the deck even though it is past our bedtime.
Just one happy sweet girl!
A couple pictures my friend Natalie took at her July 4th party. Loving our bath time.

Hanging out in our pool with her favorite boys.

Just my cute girls!
One of Logan's favorite things to do...walk Murphy.
Brian and his girls on Father's Day.
Had to include this shot...Leighton dressed up in one of her Aunt Jessica's actually baby outfits (yes, that make it around 26 years old).
Just a family photo while we were out celebrating Brian's Fellowship match at UK.