Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pictures, pictures, and yes more pictures...

Fewer words and more pictures. The photos start out from last month, when the girls and I made a trip back to Arkansas to visit family and friends. We had a great trip and loved seeing all our loved ones.
Getting to hold my new nephew Reece, the sweetest little guy! Leighton just loved Grandad and Mimi's pool!
Logan still enjoys playing the piano with her Mimi. Aunt Danna and Leighton
Logan and Ryan (or Ryree as she calls him) Logan and Jordyn (Courtney brought the kids for a quick visit)
Leighton and Hudson Leighton and Heidi enjoying the pool.
Logan actually started using the floaties.
We drove out to OK so Leighton could meet her Great Grandpa and Grandma Turner for the first time.
Logan enjoyed reading with Grandma (she hadn't seen her great grandparents since she was 4 weeks old, so it was so nice to see them again finally).
Leighton had some big smiles for Great Grandma Waack!
All the grandkids together again.
All my siblings with the kiddos.
Leighton and Uncle Matt
She is sweet on her Grandad!
Logan has decided that if it is cool for Leighton it is cool for her.
Not only does Logan breastfeed her baby, now she pumps as well (turned it on by herself and everything). Leighton rolls all over the place - her she rolled under her swing somehow.
Onto the vegetables...such a good eater! Yes she manages to swallow some of it.
Just so cute!
Peas anyone?
Leighton fell asleep in her new jumperoo - this is the best toy ever!
My cute girls!
Sitting up by herself now...such a big girl!
Leighton's first day of school (Mother's Day Out anyways).
All dressed up and matching of course!
This is what Logan does these days, she loves to get on top of Leighton for some reason.
Leighton can handle her own there...all she has to do is pull Logan's hair and Logan gets off. :)
So, those are the latest photos. Never a dull moment in the Cross house...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Six months old today

It is so hard for me to believe....Leighton is actually 6 months old today. I thought time was flying by with one kid, but two seems to make it go even faster. Leighton is still this amazing little baby and she seems to be so easy and laid back (maybe that is just because she is being compared to her older sister).

Some big firsts have happened for Leighton over the last couple of weeks. She got her first tooth a little over a week ago. Then, yesterday another one popped out. So, she now has two teeth coming in on the bottom. She has also started eating cereal and seems to really like it. She has become quite the little eater, so we will be starting the fruits and vegetables here soon. You can tell she really likes food in the pictures below, she is really pudging up. She has the rolling over down now so she doesn't lay still anymore. Also, we just thought she was going to be the quiet one. Not so...she has become quite the talker. Enough so that I can't take her into the church service anymore. So, last Sunday was also her first time in the church nursery. She took it like a champ. Her favorite thing to do still is watch Logan. She can't get enough of her older sister and we are so fortunate that Logan seem to love her as well.