Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 5 (Off to the Racetrack)

Of course, our fall wouldn't be fall here in Lexington without heading to the racetrack. Instead of actually going to the horse races we decided to do Keeneland's weekend breakfast and horse workout with the girls. The girls love being up close to the horses and watching them warm up. Aside from the waking up early to be at the 7:30 am breakfast, it really is a fun morning.

We met up with the Weathers' clan, so the girls enjoy the experience even more because they get to share it with their best buddies.
I am sure this will continue to be an annual tradition for us as long as we live in Lexington.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 4 (Playtime at the Park)

Well, I was worried I wouldn't be able to update the blog today as our Internet has been down all day. Fortunately for me, it is now up and day four and I am still on track!

One of the girls favorite activities this past fall was going to the park. So, we would try and hit the park on those nice days. To top it off, we would even ride our bikes...yes even me who was known back in college for falling off her bike. (I blame the toe clips!). Either way, we decided to hook the girls up to Brian's bike, just to be safe.

The girls are so fun to watch at the park now as they really enjoy the fresh air and just running free. They don't even have to be on the play equipment to have a good time.
The girls love the double slide.

And the swings are always a hit.

No shortage of things to do at the park.

Looking forward to many more park days in our future.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 3 (November Craft - Turkey Time)

Well...coming up with a craft idea for the month of November wasn't that difficult - I knew we had to do something with turkeys.

So for this fun fall craft all you need are the following items: colored paper, brown paper, scissors, stapler, glue, google eyes, and feathers (optional). First, trace your little ones hands onto the colored paper. We did three different colors and traced both hands.
Next, cut out all the hand prints.
Next, cut out the turkey bodies.

Next, glue on all the cutout hand prints to the turkey bodies to make their feathers.

Finally, add your accent feathers, google eyes, feet, and a beak. Voila! You have an adorable little turkey.

Here is the finished product.
Finally, the girls favorite part...standing on the table showing off there work.

And a little fun just messing around before their mom makes them get off the table.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 2 (Pretty in Pink Party...Logan is 3!)

Fortunately for our blogger followers...I am now on Day 2 of my blogging adventure. It is 4:00 in the morning and this huge, very uncomfortable, 37 week pregnant woman cannot sleep. So what better thing is there to do than update the blog, right?!
Back on November 7th, our beautiful little Logan turned 3. I still can hardly believe we are parents to this spunky little girl, she is absolutely amazing and blesses our lives in so many ways. Each and everyday she manages to crack me up with her antics and sayings. She is so smart and funny, there is definitely a special place in our hearts for this girl.
So of course on her 3rd birthday I allowed her to do pretty much anything she wanted all day long.

For starters we had donuts for breakfast and then she chose to watch Cinderella. For lunch she wanted chicken and french fries from Chick-Fil-A, and of course a picnic in front of the tv watching Tangled tops it off.
Now that she can "choose" what type of party she wants, it was humerous to me that all she asked for was a pink party. She constantly tells us that "I love pink, it is my favorite color!" So, I shouldn't have been surprised. Anyway, of course I was going to indulge my little girl with as much pink as possible.
No shortage of pink presents for this little one.

When she woke up from her afternoon nap, I had the dining room all decked out in pink and she was thrilled.
Pink cupcakes of course.
She actually enjoyed being the center of attention this year and even managed to blow out her candle.

Licking of the else do you eat a pink cupcake?

It was fun to watch her opening her presents this year as she was much more into it. Our friends Ryan and Jacquelyn came over for the festivities and she just had to wear the dress up earrings they got her.

It was so funny how much she loved the singing made it to where she was actually a little disappointed in all the cards that didn't sing.

Leighton enjoyed the party as much as her big sister.
And her big gift...a new bike!
We were a little surprised she was willing to share it with Leighton. :)

What a great party it was!