Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 has arrived...

A new year is here...welcome 2011!! Last year went by so fast and we had so many amazing experiences. The girls are getting so big and learning new things daily. With that in mind, I have made one of my goals to do more projects/crafts with the kids. My hope is to do a minimum of 1 per month. This sounded like an easy goal to obtain to me at first thought, but I found myself already nearing the end of January and I had yet to make/find the time to organize a project. So, hopefully I will be an over-achiever in this "new years resolution" and the next months I will manage more than one!

With all the snow we have had recently here in Lexington, what better craft than to make snowflakes. Logan and I decided to do this one without Leighton, so we waited for her to go down for her morning nap and away we went.

To start this project, one will need the following: paper, scissors, glue, glitter and string. It was an easy craft to start with and we really enjoyed it. Here is the step-by-step directions....

Cut your paper into a circle. (I traced a bowl so it would be symmetrical)
Fold your circle in half.
Fold your semi-circle in half.
Fold your quarter-circle in half.
Next, cut shapes into your folded can do anything you want. (Remember no two snowflakes are alike so cut away)
Open it up and look at your beautiful snowflake!
Now, there is no way we would settle for a plain ole white snowflake at our house, so we decided to jazz it up with some glitter. This requires adding some glue.
This next step was Logan's favorite of course...adding the sparkle.
We did it in phases so we could have several different colors of glitter on ours.

Finally, just look at the finished snowflakes. Just beautiful if I do say so myself!
Here they are hanging over our table.
Logan is so proud to show off her first homemade snowflakes.
And finally this is what I get when I tell her to smile...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodbye 2010 - It was an amazing year!!!

January 2010 - The year started off pretty rough since I was put on bed rest. I felt fine but was having continuous contractions and was already dilated to a 3 and 80% efaced. Apparently doctors frown on this when you are only 33 weeks along. So, being unable to pick up Logan (14 months old) we needed help. Andrew came and stayed for a week and a half to help, Lacy came ad stayed a week to help, and them my mom came and stayed for several weeks until Leighton made her presence officially known. It was a crazy month of waiting, but I was so glad to have great people around to keep me company.

February...the best month of 2010 because we were blessed with this amazing baby girl! Leighton was our perfect little purple baby. She and I had a little rough time getting her here, but she was definitely worth all the trouble. She is so sweet and definitely loved by all. Logan wasn't so sure what to think about this new baby we brought home, but she loved her from the beginning too. My mom was here fortunately to take care of Logan when Leighton arrived and my dad was here shortly after to help out. How lucky we are to have such a great support system.
We love our girls so much and and can't believe they are both ours!

March Madness at our house, no other way to describe getting used to having two children. Little sleep for me, but it is totally worth it as we love our girls. Jessica, Chris & Braden drove out over spring break to meet Leighton and visit with us. We had such a great time and Logan particularly loved having Braden around. By this point she has the walking down pretty good, but still isn't the best at communicating and Braden doesn't understand why. It is pretty funny to watch.

April - all I wanted for this month was to be able to get a picture of the girls together for Easter. So much for that idea. I did get some cute separate pictures though. We did however have a great time visiting the family this month. This was a big trip because it was Leighton's first time to meet some very important people! From Logan playing with her cousin Ryan in Noni's dog pens to swimming in Grandad and Mimi's pool. We always have so much fun! My friend Tara drove over with Hannah to meet Leighton and see Logan. and we also took a trip over to the Hoffman's house in Tulsa and really enjoyed our time there. Jon even kept the kids so Courtney and I could go out to eat. What a guy?! All and all a great month!

In May we ended up taking a last minute trip to Arkansas because our Mamaw passed away. She had lead a long and wonderful life and we felt so fortunate for all the time we had spent with her. We were glad we were able to spend some time with her shortly the month before so she could meet Leighton and we could visit with her. Mamaw was always there to support Brian and I in any way she could. She was and so generous and always so sweet to us. We definitely miss her! The girls of course were thrilled to see the rest of our family that month and were sad to leave.

The big exciting news for the month of June was Brian matching for his GI Fellowship training here at UK. We are so proud of him and know how hard he worked to obtain this goal. To celebrate we also took a weekend trip to the lake with a big group of friends. We have so much fun and decided a Pontoon boat is on our want list for family fun.

July was a crazy month for travel for me and the girls. We did enjoy the 4th here with Brian and Logan got to see her first round of fireworks from our patio. My mom flew into Lexington to make the big drive with us and we headed out to Kansas City. We spent the weekend having fun with Jessica, Chris and Braden and then drove onto Fort Smith to visit more family. Courtney drove in with her kids to visit so we enjoyed getting our kids together. After that we drove on to my grandparents house so Leighton could meet her great grandma and grandpa for the very first time. The girls loved spending time with family and friends this month! The girls big new discover for this month...Icee pops.

August - the end of summer, but no shortage of fun. Logan and Leighton really are starting to become buddies. Leighton just rolls around but I think Logan enjoys having her on her level. The big thing for me this month was that Leighton started Mother's day out. So, I get every Tuesday from 9-2 all to myself and it is amazing. Who knew being able to get my teeth cleaned and hair cut would be such a big deal. Leighton also started eating baby food this month and loves it. We definitely have a good eater on our hands with this kid! We also took Logan to the Circus this month and she was thrilled to see all the animals. It was her first outing with mom and dad with out the baby sister and I think she loved it!

September was a spectacular month! The girls loved swimming in our backyard "white trash" pool. From pool time to playing with the hose and sprinklers to the fort out back, we always have a good time outside. I do have to say however, the highlight of my month was the fabulous anniversary trip we took down in Mexico with my two best-friends and their hubbys. It was such a relaxing trip! There were definitely some exciting and crazy things that happened, but you will have to ask me in person if you want to hear about it...I wont post all the details on here. :) The girls got to spend the week with Mimi and Grandad and I know they had a fabulous time as well. Of course Leighton started to crawl while we were
gone, but that is just the way it goes.

October was full of fun! The girls absolutely love going for bike rides and Brian and I enjoy this family activity tremendously. The weather this month was so nice, so the girls loved any activity that took us outside. One of our good friends Jennifer also did a family photo shoot for us, which got us some great photos! We finally have some
good family photos, so we are so thankful. This month we also had a great time down in San Antonio. We got to see my Uncle Matt and Aunt Brenda along with my cousin Kim. It was great for the girls to meet them. While there we also enjoyed Sea World, the Alamo, the zoo and our visits with the Hardin family. October was also topped off with a great Halloween. I have yet to see a cuter Pebbles and Dino out there! Logan's highlight of this month would have to be her first pony ride. I think she is addicted. I would say Leighton truly enjoyed the swings at the park the most.

November was a funfilled month as well. Logan celebrated her 2nd birthday. Her Nemo themed birthday extravaganza was a blast and she was so much fun to watch opening presents. We enjoyed pumpkin patches, carving & painting pumpkins and playing outside when the weather permitted. My parents also made it to town for a visit over Thanksgiving which was wonderful. My dad and Brian had a good time fishing, while mom and I enjoyed Christmas shopping together.

December was a crazy month to say the least. From playdates and craft projects to playing in the snow and celebrating Christmas, there was absolutely no shortage of fun to be had. The girls were showered with gifts by Santa, grandparents, friends and family. It was so much fun for the girls to see all our family. It was also the perfect end to a great year.

So, that is the 2010 wrap up for the Cross family. A great and memorable year. We can hardly wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Festivities

Christmas was so great this year! It was Leighton's very first Christmas and Logan's 3rd. Santa was very generous this year and brought the girls a kitchen. They actually ended up with two kitchens, but that is a long story. Needless to say, they absolutely love it and play with all day everyday. After having a fun-filled Christmas here in Kentucky, we were fortunate to be able to go home to Arkansas to spend more time with our families.
Just a few pictures from Christmas in KY.
A few breakfast and lunch dates were nice.

Logan loved Noni & Dandan's new puppies!

Christmas Eve was spent with Brian's family and we were all spoiled!
The whole clan.
Who needs gifts when there is tissue paper?!
Logan would say "Oh WOW" after opening each gift and then give it a hug. It was really fun watching her open presents this year...and man did she get a lot!
A little dance party following the gift opening.
Dandan and Noni with all their grandkids!
Then onto Christmas at Grandad & Mimi's...needless to say the girls had just a few presents to open here as well.
Leighton definitely was worn out by the end of the morning...opening all those presents was a lot of work!
Braden and Logan were best buddies this was so cute to watch them interacting together. Lacy even brought her girls over one afternoon, however Logan refused to be in any of the pictures.
The girls just loved being around all our family!