Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Fun

What better activity for our February craft could there be then making hearts?! To jazz it up a little Logan and I decided to make a little heart family. All you need to make a heart person are the following: heart cut out, four 1 inch wide strips of paper, two small heart cut outs for feet, two cut out hands, pair of eyes, a mouth, and a small heart for the nose.
This is a simple project that turns out great. First glue on the eyes. To make the nose, pinch the heart and glue onto the face, then glue on the mouth. For the arms and legs you will need to fold the strips in an accordion style and glue to the body. Next, glue the hands and heart feet onto the arms and legs. That is it...simple! For an added touch, we included flowers for the girls and a bow tie for the dad.
Since we wanted to make an entire family just multiply the supplies times 4 as seen below. Logan's favorite part of this activity was using the glue of course.
And of course this is her camera "cheese" face you are all familiar with now.
She is very proud of the finished project and this heart person she decided to name Logan (or Yogi as she calls it).Here is the entire family (Daddy, Mommy, Yogi & Sissy)
We decided to hang them from the chandelier so they are out of the way and continually on display. Logan loves it and daily tells me "look mommy, Yogi made that."
She is very proud!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Look Whooo's 1 (Part II)

What a lucky little one year old....2 parties to celebrate Leighton's first birthday. We had our first party back in Arkansas with family and friends, then we celebrated with yet another party here with several of our close KY friends. The theme for the occasion was the same and it all turned out really great for round two! I had a great time putting these parties together and may have gone "a little over the top" (according to Brian) - but hey, my kids only turn 1 once, so I might as well go all out!
There were decorations everywhere including out front. The wreath I made out of pink and green tulle. I actually got the idea to make this wreath using the left over materials from the highchair tutu and think it turned out great. Then as soon as the guests walked in the door they were presented with the glorious treat table. The sweets included green popcorn balls, suckers, marshmallow pops, suckers, owl smores, owl kisses, krispie treats, gummy rings, gumballs, glitter pretzels, whirley pops, whoppers and even owl pellets.Then of course the handmade sign asking "Whooo wants treats?
I found these cute little owl goody bags on etsy and then filled them with the coordinating sixlets (from Hobby Lobby in the wedding section). I found the idea for the owl smores online, which were originally made as a Halloween treat. Decided to change the colors of the eyes and beak to make them coordinate with the theme colors and they really turned out great and were super easy (and cheap) to make.
The gummy rings were a treat favorite, which worked out nice since I just picked them out because they were the right color.
Marshmallow pops we made by dipping strawberry marshmallows in white chocolate then coating with pink and green sprinkles.
The mantel was decorated with pink and green mesh and the Happy 1st Birthday banner that I made. Brian made fun of me for how long I spent cutting and gluing to make the birthday banner, but I figured it was better than paying someone else to do it. (Yes, the tv was on during the party, but how else do you convince all the men to come to the party?!)
The handmade tissue pom poms turned out really cute too. Lacy helped me make these for the first party in Arkansas. They are actually really cheap and easy to make too and look great hanging from the fixtures. The center piece on the table was my original inspiration/vision for the party. My mom actually found the vase in Louisville and the majority of the owl ornaments in Chicago (post Christmas). I loved how it turned out!You can't see it real well in this picture, but in person it was so cute. I made a photo banner with 12 pictures of Leighton, one from each month of her first year.
Pink lemonade was served in cups lined with pixie sticks and lime wedge garnishes. Then pink and green swirly straws made the perfect accent. (This artsy photo was compliments of my friend Natalie...I cant take credit for it.)
All party guests received individual handmade treat bags to fill with goodies before they left.

My very sweet neighbor Mary made this cake for us just as a gift to Leighton and it turned out great and matched the party perfectly! And yes, another smash cake.
This was the banner that went on the highchair over the tutu.
Such a happy little birthday girl!
Here is the birthday girl relaxing with her daddy before the real fun begins...more smash cake!
Oh yes...she knows what this is. She doesn't even want to wait for the candle to be blown out anymore, just ready to dig in!
Yes, she loves birthday cake! From her hair to her toes, she was covered in icing and loved every minute of it.
Still likes to show off the fact that she is one now! (This really took a lot of practice to get her to show us her one)
Still so happy...and not even full yet.
Then slightly against her will, we have to get her cleaned up. She gets over it quickly as it is time to open up presents. would think after all that cake she would be full, not Leighton though.
So many great gifts, from clothes to toys, Leighton is very spoiled yet again!
I just loved this photo my friend Jennifer managed to get of the birthday girl hugging on a balloon.
Once again, Leighton was in such great spirits for her party! Who can blame her though, so many great friends showed up to help her celebrate her first birthday and we can't thank them enough for making her feel so loved.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Look Whooo's 1 (Part I)

Yes, it is hard to believe...our baby is 1!!! Leighton's first birthday was February 2nd. Seeing that it was her very first birthday we of course had to take her back to Arkansas for her first big birthday bash with our family. We ended up having an owl themed party and it really turned out so great. Leighton was so happy and had a great time. She had no problem being the center of attention.
The birthday girl
The invitation
The cakes
The treat table and all its goodies.

She now can show everyone how old she is...

Stripped down and getting ready for the smash cake.

She didn't mind her party hat or the fact that everyone was staring at her and singing.

Yes, all the practice cupcakes paid off! ;) She started with one finger...

Moved onto the whole hand...

Then onto double fisting it... Lots of family and friends made the party a memorable one!

Thanks to all of those people who helped to make Leighton's 1st birthday so great.