Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easter and Last Month Wrap Up

So...I have been a complete blog failure this past month and I apologize. We travelled back and forth to Arkansas twice and even made it over to Oklahoma once. Things have just been crazy here and I have been neglecting my blog duties, this I know. So, below are several pictures that will give you an idea of what we have been up to.

1st and foremost, we did do an April craft and it turned out adorable. Below are some pictures of the chicks we made for Easter. (My computer wouldn't allow me to rotate a couple pictures, but you get the idea).

Logan's favorite part of the craft still is the glue part.

And yes you are correct, the wings are our traced hands.

In Arkansas, the girls really enjoyed their time with family!

Chilling with Grandad

Riding Cherokee, Matt and Ashley's horse. This was Leighton's first horse ride.
We dyed Easter eggs for the first time...Leighton was a little confused about what to do with the some of the utensils.

The white shirt had to come off during the dying process.

Fun times were had just hanging out with cousins!
And hanging with friends...

We made a quick trip over to Tulsa to visit the Hoffman crew and the girls had a great time.

Of course the girls were spoiled for Easter...

Noni & Dandan hosted a wonderful Easter egg hunt at their new cabin.

Logan was a little under the weather but managed to hunt eggs and eat some candy in between her crying fits.

All and all we have had a busy and wonderful last 6 weeks!