Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A few ways we entertain ourselves...

Just a few pictures of fun things we do to keep busy around our house...
Playing dress up is always a hit!

Sitting poolside, with the occasional dip keeps us cool.

And of course, what better activity is there than eating fudgesicles?!

Chocolate kisses anyone?

Watering the yard (or the driveway).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Yes, I know it is June and I am just now posting our May craft...what can I say, that is just how things are going these days. At least I can say we did do this craft back in May, so we are still on track. :) Logan particularly enjoyed this craft because it involved the painting of her hands and feet. We actually sat on a big tarp in the garage for this craft and the most difficult task was keeping Leighton out of the paint. For starters, all you will need are the following: finger paint colors, a paint brush, plain white paper, scissors, and a child's foot & hand.

Start by painting the foot green.

You will need to make a page of right foot prints and one of left foot prints (these will be the leaves of the flowers. Next, paint several thick strait lines (these will be the stems).

Next, paint a hand the color of your choice and make the hand prints to create the petals of the flower.

Logan of course wanted to paint both hands and use multiple colors, so we did.

She is obviously very proud of our craft thus far (just a side note, we did paint blue circles in the center of our hand print petals).

You will need to let all your paint projects dry before continuing with the next step. Next, you cut out all your individual foot prints, stems, and flowers.

Then you glue the feet (leaves) and hand print flowers to the stem.

Voila! You have these adorable flowers!

Of course we prefer to hang our project from the chandelier to showcase it.
So usual.