Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Fun

A fun fourth of July project is to make flag wind sockets. To do this you will need the following: 2 (12X12) sheets of blue paper, 1 sheet of white paper, scissors, star punch, 1 sheet of red tissue paper, 1 sheet of white tissue paper, and glue.
Cut your tissue paper into 1 inch strips, cut your blue sheets in half lengthwise, and punch out a bunch of white stars.
Glue on your star punch outs to the blue sheets.

The finished blue sheet covered in stars should look similar to this.

Next you glue your red & white tissue paper strips to the bottom of the back side of the blue sheet.
Finally you glue the short edge of the blue paper to form the wind socket.


Proud of her flag wind sockets!
We spent the evening of the fourth with our friends the Weathers. The kids favorite activity was driving around on their tractors. Then of course we enjoyed a great meal to celebrate the holiday!

Such a great time, thanks for having us over Weathers' clan!