Monday, August 29, 2011

August Craft

For the month of August our inspiration for our craft was a book we really enjoy reading....The Hungry Caterpillar. We didn't get as many pictures of our work in progress as it was happening, but we do have the end results. Logan still of course loves to use the glue. My apologies for the underwear pictures, but this is pretty much how we run around the house these days. Since she started wearing big girl panties she is very proud of them and loves to show them off. Fortunately I can still get her to wear clothes when we go out, but the second we get home she strips down. What can you do right??? As my mom says, "choose your battles".

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Cross Family Update...

Yes an update...what other post could I do since it has been over a month since my last visit to the blogger world.

Brian started his GI Fellowship last month and absolutely loves it. The hours aren't too terrible and he has really enjoyed it so far. I am so thrilled he is finally on the downward slope of his training....granted he still has two years and 10 months to go. He just recently sold his boat, which was a hard move for him. However, he has made up for it by hitting the golf course now as often as he can. He really hardly played at all the last couple years so I think he has enjoyed revisiting one of his true loves. Brian also just got back from a "mancation" with a bunch of boys. Who knows what all they did besides eating out every night and playing a bunch of golf.

As for me, I really only have two big things keeping me busy lately. My two girls of course! I don't even know where the time goes but we seem to stay plenty busy doing who knows what. My other big thing currently is the fact that I am pregnant with baby #3. I am 19 1/2 weeks along and we are thrilled. I was pretty sick there for awhile and so tired, but am doing much better now. The girls and I just got back from a 2-part vacation. We drove to Kansas City to visit my sister Jessica and her family and see their new house. We had a great time there doing all kinds of fun things. Then we ventured down to Fort Smith to see the rest of our family for a week. As always, we enjoyed all the family time but the girls really missed their daddy.

Logan has some big news....she is officially potty trained. I do have to say she has been super in this area and all the credit goes to her. She has been using the potty occasionally for months now, but she got rid of diapers completely about 7 weeks ago. She wore pull ups for one week with no accidents so we moved onto big girl panties. To date she has had one accident (overnight) and has been just amazing. I think she loves being a big girl. She is just turning into quite the little girl. She dresses up like a princess everyday and loves it. She enjoys coloring, running around in her big girl panties, playing outside, and asking tons of questions. I tell you...this girl can talk your ear off - think she gets it from her dad!

Leighton is still growing like a weed. She wears the same size clothes that Logan does and her feet are nearly the same size as hers as well. She is our very good eater and usually so happy and carefree. The last few weeks she has decided to be a little more emotional and whiny though....hoping she is just teething and this isn't the next stage before she is two. :) She absolutely adores her big sister. It is funny now to watch her mimic Logan. She wants to be and do anything that her sister is and does. Her vocabulary still consists of all single words like mama, dada, yaya (Logan), Murmur (Murphy), mill (milk), no (my least favorite), and many more. She loves to run and jump and dance.

Anyway, just thought I would do an update and do hope to follow it up with pictures to show what we have been up to soon.