Friday, September 30, 2011

A visit from Noni & DanDan

We were so fortunate to have Brian's parents visit us this last weekend (Noni & Dandan)! They came in for a long weekend visit and the girls absolutely loved having them here. I think it was so great for them to visit us here so they could see the girls in their environment where they are the most comfortable. It was nice because it didn't take the girls but two seconds to warm up to them. The weekend was full of good food and fun activities.

Having fun at the pumpkin patch!

Noni helping Logan pick out the perfect pumpkin.
Just running around the pumpkins.

Happy to be hanging with Noni & Dandan, it was the perfect day.Leighton was thrilled to ride the horse Chick...but Logan surprisingly wouldn't.

Running through the apple orchard.One happy family! Leighton particularly enjoyed the evenings just hanging out and playing with Noni's new puppy. Logan on the other hand was partial to Fifi. We all really enjoyed the visit!

Finally here is a video of the girls showing off for their Noni & Dandan...Ring around the Rosie style.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh boy....

We are having another girl! It is a good thing Brian loves his girls, because he will definitely be surrounded. We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. The little one looks great and so far seems to be doing really well. It took quite awhile to determine the sex since she was being bashful. We were actually surprised because we truly thought we were having a boy this time. It is a good thing though, she will have no shortage of clothes, shoes, and toys....and she is already loved tremendously by all of us. Now we just need to convince Logan that it is a sister. She has been going around telling people, "My daddy needs a boy"

Her sweet little profile picture.

See those three bright white lines the arrows are pointing at...definitely another girl!