Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's Minnie

Okay, so just a heads up that this is not our most "creative" craft to date. However, the girls enjoyed it and that is what counts, right?! We leave for California in a few weeks to go to our friend Andy's wedding and while we are there we plan to take the girls to Disneyland. They are infatuated with Minnie Mouse at the moment, so for our September craft I decided they might enjoy a Minnie project. Here it is.

Supplies needed: paper, ribbon, scissors, glue, something circle to trace, & brads

Trace one large circle and two small circles on your paper.
Next, cut out your circles. (What 20 month old doesn't love scissors?!)
Feel free to color on the scraps.
Next, you should have all the shapes ready to be glued.

Glue on the ears.

Tie your bows.
Use a brad to connect the bows to the Minnie Mouse head and VOILA!
Simple yet adorable little Minnie's.
Think my girls like standing on the table?
Personally, I think it is their favorite part of our monthly craft projects.