Sunday, November 6, 2011

12 Days of Blogging (DAY 1 - California Trip) I have been more then MIA the last two months, I realize this. I started this post on 11/6 and have just now returned on 12/27 to try and finish it. So to make up for a lot of lost time and fun family times my goal is to do a 12 days of blogging "catch up" if you will. Hopefully I will be able to post something new everyday for the next 12 days to show all the crazy things that have gone on the last couple of months.
Back in October, we travelled to California for one of our close friend's wedding. Andy Harman finally met the woman of his dreams and the wedding was north of Los Angeles. We decided to make a mini-vacation out of it and Brian's parents ended up meeting us there for all the festivities. This vacation of course included taking the girls to Disney Land. So for starters, here are pictures from that adventure.

Can you tell Logan is so excited to go into Disneyland?!

We started the day off with the Breakfast with Minnie Mouse. Leighton was happy to meet Minnie, but Logan preferred her from a distance. It was nice because there were a bunch of Disney characters that came around to all the tables while you ate. Logan and Noni dancing in the streets. A family teacup ride. Meeting Mickey Mouse...Logan wouldn't go near him.Logan might not have wanted to meet Mickey, but she was thrilled to hang out in his house and sit in his chair.Probably the girls favorite part of Disneyland...the playground.What would it be without a family ride on the carousel...I love that you can see Noni and Dandan watching in the background.

Daddy getting some love from Leighton....these moments make all the chaos worthwhile! The next day we decided to meet up with our friends the Hunters at Santa Monica Pier so the girls could see the ocean.

The whole gang!

Logan actually got her feet was short lived though. Leighton wanted nothing to do with the water surprisingly.Brian and his "not so" California girls.The girls did enjoy playing on the pier. We all got dressed up and had a fabulous time at Harman's wedding!

Dancing the night away.
The girls definitely enjoyed the candy table and cupcakes!

It really was a fabulous trip and we loved sharing it with Noni and Dandan. The girls still talk about riding on airplanes and going back to Disneyland, so I am sure we will have repeat trips in the future.

October Craft

I know it is November, but I still need to post our October craft because it turned out so cute! We decided to make bats for our Halloween craft. To do this you will need black, white and brown construction paper, scissors, glue, a pencil, and accessories (nose and hair bows). First cut out the bat shaped head,circle body and feet from the brown paper. Next cut out the eyes and fangs from the white paper.
Next, trace both hands onto the black paper.We cut out hands (wings) for each of the members of our family. (Don't worry, we did make Brian do his when he got home from work).

Leighton helped by coloring on the scrap paper. Logan is my #1 glue girl. The next step is to glue the eyes, nose, fangs to the bat's face. Then glue the head, feet,and wings to the body.

And, voila you have an adorable bat!

Here is the entire family.

Then make them fly.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Festivities

From making Halloween cookies and crafts, so church carnivals and trick or treating...the girl really enjoyed it all last month! Halloween was so much more fun this year now that the girls could get into it all a little more. They loved dressing up and all the fun activities that went along with the holiday.

The Halloween cookies we made (meringue ghosts and rice krispie treat pumpkins) were great incentives to get the girls to eat their dinner. :)As for costumes, what is easier to get the girls to dress up in then tutus and ballet slippers?! Come to think of it, they have worn their costumes a bunch over the last several weeks and we had the majority of the items already (thanks Mimi), which made Brian happy because there was little expense for this year.
We went to Porter Memorial's church carnival again this year and the girls loved it. Brian was on call and couldn't go, so fortunately our friend Jacquelyn joined us for the fun (and was a huge help).

Logan decided to go for a pony ride this time, but we couldn't convince Leighton.

Leighton did however love the petting zoo, while Logan preferred to watch. The girls picked up on the trick or treating pretty quick this year at the trunk-or-treat portion of the carnival.

Their favorite was when they were allowed to reach in and pick out what they wanted.
Enjoying a little bit of the candy... And down for the count after the sugar high wears off.

My favorite part of the day, Logan decided she wanted to go down the 20 foot blow up slide. I couldn't believe it, so Jacquelyn took her up to the top and she actually did it!!

What is a carnival without a little cotton candy?!And onto Halloween night, there really can't be cuter ballerinas then these two! The pet bee is pretty adorable too.
Dancing in the driveway...

And we're off. And playing at our friends house after more trick or treating Logan added another cute accessory to her costume.