Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Emory's 1st week at home

We were allowed to take Emory home on Saturday, January 14th. Her breathing ended up being Transitional Tachypnea, which is relatively common in c-section babies and wasn't even an issue after her first day of life. However the jaundice of course kicked in just like the other two girls. They allowed us to take her home with a slightly elevated level at 10.4. We went back to the doctor on the following Monday and the doctor said she looked pretty good. She weighed 7 lbs, 1 oz. Since she was gaining weight nicely they didn't even do a bilirubin test but said we should bring her back on the following Thursday. At our return appointment they decided to do a test and it came back at 14.1, which meant we would have to keep a close eye on her and bring her back the following day for a recheck. (This just means lots of foot pricks.) By Thursday her weight was also up to 7 lbs 5 oz. Fortunately, the next day her bilirubin level was down to 13.7. With her steady weight gain and a leveled out bilirubin level their guess is that it is breast milk jaundice. If that is truly the case, we shouldn't have to check her back into the hospital for phototherapy like we did with the other two girls. So as of now, we are doing good but we have another follow up appointment tomorrow.

Here is Emory ready to head home from the hospital. In her car seat for the first time and you can definitely tell from her skin color that she is jaundice.One of the things mom did to distract the girls was paint the finger and toe nails.
As you can see they love this!
Mimi of course had to get her hugs in before heading back home.
Logan of course was so thrilled to have her new sister home. She tells me about 20 times a day, "Momma I love my new sister!" and the look on her face shows that she means it.
We were trying to get Emory to eat as much as possible (to poop out all those bilirubins) so Logan was thrilled she got to feed her a bottle. She had been talking about doing this for months.
I love her maternal instinct!Here is sweet Emory at 1 week.
Leighton is slowly coming around to the idea of having a baby sister. She at least will acknowledge she exists.
Even smiles at her every once and awhile and will give her little loves.
Insists on holding her multiple times a day.

And of course we have to show pictures from Emory's first bath.
Who doesn't like her first sponge bath??? Emory!
Finally snug and warm.One good thing about being jaundice...she looks very tan compared to her sisters!

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