Friday, February 3, 2012

Our little Leighton is 2!

On Thursday, Leighton turned 2! It is so hard to believe that our little girl is actually two. Since Leighton is very into Minnie Mouse at the moment we decided that would be the perfect theme for the day. So, to start it off right, I made pink Minnie Mouse pancakes for breakfast. I think they turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself! Not sure if the girls were impressed or not.
Then of course I had to make a few decorations for the big party...Styrofoam balls spray painted black and put together to make Minnie heads, as well as a pink lantern with tissue pom pom ears. The dessert plates turned out cute too.
Nothing too over the top, but it all turned out cute.

And had to top it off with some balloons of course.
Our friends the Weathers joined the party for dinner, cake, ice cream and presents. They enjoyed their own party table too!

Lance enjoyed a little hands on time with Emory...the other kids had to help out of course. I actually made the cake this year and it turned out great. It did take a lot of time to ice, but well worth it for our little girl.

She loved the cake and kept telling me to "cut it, cut it!"
She did a great job trying to blow out the candle.Best buddies. Leighton loved the cake!
Logan thought it was finger licking good.

As for opening gifts, she needed to direction.

However, all the other kiddos insisted on trying to help out.
She loved all of her gifts!

And of course the singing cards are always a huge hit! All and all it was a great party. She had such a good time as did we all. Happy Birthday Leighton, we love you so much. The past two years have been great and we cant wait to watch you grow even more.

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